After School Club

Again this is run by school staff – this means that the pupils know the adults and allows a very ‘personal’ approach to every child’s needs.

This is a very popular part of the school day and early booking is recommended to ensure that places are available. We will accept telephone bookings on the day and understand that there are times when you are ‘stuck in traffic’ or an appointment has gone over time; if this is the case please ring the school office.

If any pupils arrive at After School Club ‘unexpectedly’ then we will always ring parents or guardians to ensure that they are in the correct place! We will only ring if a child is not booked in. We will always seek to provide a flexible booking process but please remember if you have a need to add, change or cancel a booking, early notice will be much appreciated. This will ensure that the correct charges are invoiced for each child's place.

After School Club runs from the end of the school day until 5.30 p.m. [6.00 p.m. by prior arrangement]

During this time the children will take part in a variety of activities. These include structured games; free play with lego and other toys; board games against each other and the adults; drawing; homework and many other appropriate games and activities.

The cost is currently based on £4.00 per hour per child but is charged in blocks of ¼ an hour. This means that if you use just ½ an hour you only pay for that time.
All children must be signed out by an agreed adult and we will always check if somebody we do not expect turns up to collect a child.