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The Diocese of Worcester Multi-Academy Trust are deeply committed to implementing a collaborative approach to developing and securing excellent educational provision for all our pupils.

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Eagle Class


Welcome to Eagle Class is the place where we prepare all our pupils for their secondary school careers. It’s the end of one path, but leads to the start of another. We have fun and work hard while equipping ourselves with the skills we need to succeed.

We explore all aspects of English and Maths; improving and stretching our skills in spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading, arithmetic and reasoning, building on previous knowledge. In Eagle Class we compete against ourselves to become the best we can be. We use our ‘Can Do’ attitude, that is part of our school ethos, to welcome the adventure that is education.


Eagle Class Curriculum Overview


By the time children leave Eagle Class  - after one year, or two- they will further understand what it means to have confidence in: their self; theirs and others abilities; their friends; their family; their world and their own choices. We want children to know how to keep healthy – body and mind. They will have a set of values to live by that they understand and have explored in assemblies and through the RE curriculum.


Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in adventures such as a residential visit with Martley Primary School to the Pioneer Centre; possibly a visit to Parliament to explore how our country is governed; a flight on the London Eye; maybe a visit to the Harry Potter studios; Bellboating on the River Severn and local walks. They will further explore the world they live in through history, science, geography and music. They will continue to learn a modern foreign language – French.

We like to foster children’s love of books and reading by reading alone, with partners or in a small group with interested adults. Reading explores worlds that may no longer exist, or ones that are not yet with us. Good readers make great writers. We have so many books on our shelves, Owls also like to come and borrow them too! We love to share our love of books.

In Eagle Class, we give back to the school. We run the School Council, provide playground leaders, complete clean up after lunch for two terms, set up assemblies (and sometimes even run them!) and have been known to become TA’s to help others learn. At Christmas, we enjoy preparing for the big day by doing good turns for others during advent.

Life is never boring in our class. It can be hard work. It can be tiring. It can stretch you. It can take you out of your comfort zone. It will make you grow. Saying goodbye in July, on the last day of school, is always the hardest day, as we know we have given our pupils the ability to confidently take the next step, but secretly we would like to hold on to them and enjoy the people they have become.