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Broadheath Primary

Diocese of Worcester

The Diocese of Worcester Multi-Academy Trust are deeply committed to implementing a collaborative approach to developing and securing excellent educational provision for all our pupils.

DoWMAT number 10390487
Field House, 29, Sansome Walk, Worcester WORCS WR1 1NU

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Curriculum Intent

Broadheath CE Primary School and Pre-School strives to create a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children are motivated to learn together. By maintaining high expectations of ourselves and each other, our children will be equipped to encounter opportunities and challenges with resilience and determination. We encourage a curiosity about the world and strive to ensure that our children will contribute positively to it, both now and in the future.

To achieve this we want our children to become lifelong learners. Our aim is that all children become resilient learners; that they develop a variety of skills which foster and encourage independent and collaborative learning.

We firmly believe that we have a duty to ensure that all children deserve the best education possible. We all work together to allow pupils to flourish and achieve their best not just academically but in all areas of life. We provide a wide range of opportunities for children to practice and master the performing and visual arts and to develop their speaking and listening skills. We believe in active learning and in the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage children to embrace challenge, to be confident when faced with adversity but to know when to ask for support or guidance. Through a creative and engaging curriculum we aim to provide every child with the skills and knowledge they need to grow into confident, successful and loving members of their communities.


Our whole school curriculum is underpinned by four main values:

Courage               Forgiveness               Respect             Service


 Pupils at Broadheath CE Primary School and Pre-School will:   


 Be confident in themselves and know when to ask for help

Be able to speak aloud to different audiences

Have a ‘growth mindset’ and know how to be reflective learners

Have experienced playing musical instruments

 Have an understanding of the school values  and develop their own moral conscience

Be active participants in school and wider society – understand the value of ‘service’

Know how to lead healthy and active lives

Have opportunities to perform individually and as part of a group

Be able to problem solve and reason

Be curious

Explore what faith means and respect people of other faiths and cultures

Be honest, trustful and forgiving

Be creative and have opportunities to express themselves through art and design 

Experience competition in sporting events

Be supportive and inclusive of others

Have opportunities to learn outside the classroom

Experience school trips and residential visits

Be courageous advocates and stand up for what they know to be right

 Be able to learn independently and as part  of a group

Understand the importance of being part of a community

Be confident readers and writers

Have opportunities to participate in after school activities

 Will recognise the importance of reflection – moments of ‘stillness’

Be aware of environmental issues and their part in this

Be able to link ideas and skills across the curriculum

Have self -belief

Be supported and challenged to be ‘the best they can be’

Broadheath CE Primary School is committed to ensuring equality of education, and opportunity for all students, staff, parents, guardians or carers, irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, religion or socio-economic background.

We are proud of the diversity within our school community and have due regard to:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • advance equality of opportunity
  • foster good relations and positive attitudes between all characteristics and different groups in all of its activities

This perspective is embedded and expected in all of our policies and practices to ensure discrimination and inequality are tackled appropriately.