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Academy Status

Becoming an Academy is probably the biggest decision that the Governors will ever have to take. The path has not been smooth and is still ongoing. Where are we now? Back in 2015 following consultation with parents and the Diocese it was proposed that the school, together with a number of local schools, should form an Academy during May ’15. These arrangements fell through and other events overtook us.We together with some of our cluster schools met in November ’16 to agree to a collaboration process to assist us, as individual schools, draw up what might be described as a “tender document” to ensure that we find an academy that best fits our needs. Currently we are working with them to develop the way forward. We have now taken the next step which includes registering an “interest to join” which has to be done now to enable the Diocese Board to decide whether to invite the school or not to start the process with a view to becoming part of the academy after September 2019. This decision does not commit the school to go down that route.
Full Governing Body (FGB)
FGB generally meets once a term. All governors sit on this Committee. Temporarily FGB meets twice a term with the alternative meetings concentrating on IPA business, see below.
At the May meeting in 2018 it was decided to publish the minutes. (Please note minutes are not approved until the following meeting.)
FGB Minutes FGB 22/5/18 FGB 17/7/18

2018 / 19 Meetings
Autumn Term :- 23/10/18; 11/12/18
Spring Term :- 12/2/19; 26/3/19
Summer Term :- 14/5/19; 16/7/19
Leadership and Management Committee (L&M)
L&M meets more frequently and because of the nature of business may meet more than twice a term. Not all the governors sit on this committee but those that do will have some expertise in finance, management and human resources.

2018 / 19 Meetings
Autumn Term :- 9/10/18; 20/11/18
Spring Term :- 12/3/19;
Summer Term :- 20/4/19; 11/6/19
Improvement, Performance & Achievement Committee (IPA)
IPA used to meet once a term and dealing all aspects of the curriculum including improvement and assessment. Again not all governors sit on this committee. Temporarily the role of this Committee is being undertaken by the FGB.
Each governor takes a special interest in a particular area of schooling.
For the next 3 years the responsibilities are:
Data                     –         Angela Whitaker
ICT                       –         Bryan Warnes
RE                        –         Barbara Beard and Ian Craigan
Safeguarding        –        Barbara Beard
Maths                   –         Bryan Warnes
Science                –         Bryan Warnes
SEN                      –         Hilary Simmons
EYFS & PSHCE   –        
The Arts                –         Julia Davison
MFL                      –         Julia Randall/IPA members
School Council      –         IPA members
English, History and Geography  – Simon Newton-Smith