Mr Andrew Hackley is the Headteacher, Mrs Kirsteen Hunter-Rice deputises for him in his absence, as well as being a class teacher (class 1) she is also responsible for Safeguarding and Early Years, Mrs Sue Hawthorn is a class teacher (Class 3) and is responsible for Key Stage 1 and Mrs Kerry Tinsdale is a class teacher (Class 6) and is responsible for Key Stage 2.
The remaining teachers are Class 2 Mrs Tracy Stack, Class 4 Mrs Holly West and Mrs Kate Chapman, Class 5 Mrs Julia Randall & Mrs Sarah Holt. Mrs Claire Carey manages the Pre-school. All the staff have other responsibilities.
The School is also supported by a team of administrative staff, Teacher Assistants and Lunchtime Supervisors.
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Staffing Structure & Responsibilities

 Our teaching staff:

Our teaching assistants: